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of technological innovation.

Blockchain / Smart contracts / ICO support / Investing

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Business platforms

New opportunities are enfolding for the next generation of business software built on the principles of decentralized trust.

We are exploring the realistic cutting edge of the blockchain innovation.

Consumer platforms

Consumer friendly interfaces and applications of hard-to-comprehend decentralized platforms are the basic building blocks for a global success.

We are figuring out a good user experience for decentralized systems.

Community platforms

Great development tools and best practices are the cornerstone of a stable and production-ready technology.

We are commited to pass our best knowledge and resources to the community of developers.

The Vision

WARP — World Alliance for Radical Projects

WARP is forming group of entrepreneurs, business advisors, visionaries and engineers who are creating a platform for rational development of technologies and knowledge that will bring disruptive innovations with a potential to initiate and cultivate an exponential growth together with a positive change in the world.

WARP is a vision for a future built on the principles of decentralization, unrestricted international collaboration and a barrier-free capital flow.

To build the future, we need the best tools.

We believe it's essential to found the future of technology on a responsible approach of transparency and stability, therefore we are commited to spend resources on doing things the right way.

The Core Team

Our core team has:

Andy Forda

Andy Forda

– Product

Entrepreneur, full-stack developer, designer

Tom Riha

Tom Riha

– Operations

Business operations manager, engineer

Michal Novak

Michal Novak

– Technology

Ethereum developer, engineer

Business Advisor

Vladimir Charvat

Vladimir Charvat, M.Sc.

CEO of iQuest s.r.o.

Successful technology entrepreneur

Get In Touch

You can reach us via e-mail:

WARP is operated by:

Leap Ventures s.r.o.
namesti 14. rijna 1307/2
150 00 Prague
Czechia, EU